Part of the Speech of Fanis Malkidis in the open event in the square of Town hall (Rathaus) of the city of Stuttgart, for the recognition of genocide.

Fanis Malkidis Phd

Demokritus  University of Thrace

The 19  May as European day of victims of  Kemalism


The concentration in the square of   Town hall of Stuttgart constitutes  one historical day  for the Hellenism. The souls of thousands of Greeks of Pontos (Black Sea) are found us and feel jubilation. The  353.000 Pontians inhabitants where murdered in the period 1916-1923, after a organised drawing,   from the Young Turks and kemalists they feel that their descendants in Germany and in all Europe they fight for the compurgation and the appointment of suppressed mass crime.  The 1994 the Parliament of Greeks recognized the genocide of Greeks of Pontos,  while until today the genocide of Greeks of Pontos has recognized the Parliament of Representatives of Cypriot Democracy,  the states of USA, New York (19/5/2002), New Jersey (2/9/2002), Columbia (8/12/2002), South  Carolina (10/1/2003), Georgia (3/2/2003), Pennsylvania (12/12/2003), Cleveland (11/5/2005), while the  affair it has occupied the Economic and Social Council of Organism United Nations  (UN),  and the Organism for the Safety and the Collaboration in Europe  (OASE)  afterwards from interventions of not governmental organisations.   The Pontians, as the Ionians, the Thracians, the Kappadokians, aspects of the big Greek presence in the East, experienced the policy of  genocide with many thousands victims and were eradicated by their national hearth,  there where they were political and cultural present on three thousands years. It was called "final solution" for Greek, as for the Armenian question,  the one that the official Turkish state denies it recognizes, as crime at the humanity.  Ninety years afterwards, the policy of refusal of Genocide has not changed in least from point of view of Turks of policies and governments.  Of course in the means April 2003 the Turkish ministry of Education sent directive in all the directors of schools first degree and secondary education, asking it begins  "expedition "  in the schools of country,  through that will be confirmed the idea that Turkey did not exterminate Greek,  Assyrians or Armenian minorities. Still, it was asked by the  students to write report   on the subject "Fights adversely in the statements of genocides". It deserves we stress that this unprecedented censorship and effort of guidance of thought of young students are imposed in a season that Turkey already has received, generous subsidies from the European Union  (100.000.000  Euros)  for the period  2003-2009.  At the same time, par' all that the last years increase the voices of democrats and progressive intellectuals and writers that, in in himself Turkey, they try they say the truth,  the fascist military  cluster him does not leave to be heard or him it blames with all the means that allocate . 

After this policy that it follows Turkey, results the legitimate question: can a country that wishes it is included in the European Union  (EE), that already has taken date of beginning of  negotiations, be become member without he undertakes all the responsibilities that arise from her direct past?

Do the European leaders that for the 60th anniversary of genocide of Jews declared mea culpa for the attitude of their countries during the holocaust, have something do say the 19  May, in the ninetieth anniversary of beginning of Genocide of Pont's inhabitants?   Parallel  that enough overlooks the historical crimes in the altar of various expediency, the  humanity has debt it fights adversely in them with all the forces. 
Are necessary the bodies of  UN  as long as they avoid elect the question of genocide is encouraged the policy of refusal of Turkey. However as country that wishes it is included in the EU it should it occupies obvious, that the oppression of minorities constitutes brake in her integration in the EU Minorities in the Pontos,  minorities  in all Turkey.   The Armenian Genocide placed the question of  Pontian Genocide, the Pontian' places that of  Asia Minor, all Greeks.

What it should they make  the populations are the output of Kemalism as racism, as nazism, are condemned by the European Union and the UN,  and it will be established the  19th  of May as European and world day of victims of Kemalism.  The passage of time will not be sure obstacle for the new generations of Pontians and all Greeks in Germany and all Europe, in Australia, in the USA and Canada. They will not forget and they will not abandon the fight, because they know that will reach that moment where it denies no one the Genocide will be completely unthinkable. The subject of international recognition of Genocide constitutes basic objective of Greek population so much in Greece what the Dissemination.  The current concentration in the Stuttgart is the beginning. 

Part of the Speech of Fanis Malkidis in the open event in the square of Town hall (
Rathaus) of the city of Stuttgart,  for the recognition of genocide.


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