ThreeGenocides, One Strategy ColloquiumProceedings Thessaloniki:Kyriakidis Bros.

ThreeGenocides, One Strategy


Thessaloniki:Kyriakidis Bros.

The colloquium ThreeGenocides, One Strategytook place on Saturday the 24th of May 2008 in Komotini, Greece.The 3Genocides of namely Greeks, Armenians and Assyrians whichwereperpetrated by the Turkish forces before, during and after WW1werediscussed, in this book.

Thisis a review of the Hellenic,Armenian and Assyrian Genocide. This volumestands as an importantachievement in the field of genocide studies, aswell as commanding theattention of scholars of Middle East Studies. Thesubjects addressed includethe cleansing of all Christian communitiesfrom Ottoman Empireas a result of widespread massacres over threedecades and the influence ofproto-Nazi ideology on late Ottoman leadersas well the Kemalist nationalistmovement and the propagandatheycreated.

The emphasis inthis volume ispredominantly on the common strategy of the Greeks,Armenians and Assyrians tothe history and nature of genocide,specifically regarding when an episode of genocidebegins and whethergenocide gives rise to any moral obligation to preserve thetargetedculture, or to transform the perpetrators’ culture.

In this volume, Thea Halo,Ataman Sabri, Stavros Abarian, Nikos Lygeros, Antonis Pavlidis,Marios Evriadiadis and Fanis Malkidis discusseson the Hellenic, Armenian andAssyrian genocide and supplieswrenchingdetails of the experiences of Greek, Armenian and Assyriancivilians enslaved by Ottoman and Turkishforces, and subjected tolarge-scale bayoneting and shootings, death marches.

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